Building/ Structural surveys [Buyer's report]

Building/ Structural surveys [Buyer's report]

Building/ Structural surveys [Buyer's report]

Building/ Structural surveys [Buyer's report]

A Building/structural survey comprises a report on both the form of construction and its condition prior to purchase.

It will almost certainly draw your attention to defects and or shortcomings likely to adversely affect the use of the property you are contemplating to purchase. 

Defects that you did not know existed or the seriousness of which you may not have appreciated.

We have 40 years experience in the Cyprus construction industry. We shall look for any dampness and or cracks and any attempts to conceal. We shall go through all building elements and comment on significant defects as to the cause and suggest possible repairs. 

Of course a degree of deterioration commensurate with the age of the building is expected. 

Significant defects will certainly be brought to your knowledge and commented upon extensively. The adequacy of the structure will definitely be commented upon. 

To assist your lawyer, we shall check the official plans to make sure there are no deviations. 

We shall be unable to comment on electromechanical equipment as we are not Mechanical Engineers. 

In the event we are engaged to proceed with the Buyer's  survey report we shall need:

●  Your contact telephone or mobile number.  

●   Access into the property

●  A copy of the Title deeds, in order to identify the property and collect relevant information

●  A copy of the official lay-out plan of the property in order to ascertain if there are planning illegalities (unauthorised extensions) and

●  Arrange for inspection at any time convenient to you or your agent

Please note that the report will be ready for release within two working days, after the inspection.


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