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For the policyholder, insurance is about promises. Making the promise isn't so hard. The tough part comes when customers want delivery. We are to make the tough part easier! RENOS PITROS team has the necessary insurance knowledge, resources and expertise to fulfilling the insurance promise to the satisfaction of the policyholder, in achieving an efficient and equitable adjustment. We deal in construction related damages, resulting from fire! Breaking in! Natural disasters including earthquakes! Storms! Consequential damages!
For the insurer, the desire to satisfy his customer is tempered by the need to conserve costs, avoid leakages and eradicate fraud. Our alert and prompt service, will often provide evidence that may otherwise be destroyed. The more thorough and complete the claim the faster a settlement can be effected.
The policyholder recognises the value of the insurer and the insurer achieves customer satisfaction and retention through our cost efficient and equitable service.
 We are the people who can deliver solutions, for the peace of mind of the insurer and the policyholder alike!


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